RBL Farm

Premier European Mouflon Rams


Spittin Image, May 2001
Spittin Image's Daddy, Fort Worth Zoo Stock

Spittin Image is also proving to be a solid producer of good young rams that show this same quality of big wide horns. If you are looking for mouflons that will grow out quickly and that will pass this on for generation after generation, we believe you would do well with one of his sons for your next breeding ram.



is a great young ram that we acquired from Rickey Hunt. His bloodline has such great rams as Rickey Hunt’s Majestic Mouflons Grecian King, Majestic Mouflons Dream, and the San Diego zoo stock.

2M is another young ram that we acquired from Rickey Hunt. 2M is out of Majestic Mouflons Maximum Max and his mother is Majestic Mouflons Minnie. This cross has always produced extremely big rams. Besides big wide horns, and great color, his genetics give him the potential to be a great reproducer.


John Henry

This is a great young ram named John Henry. John Henry is out of Majestic Mouflons High Horn Henry. Henry's breeding is from the Netherlands zoo stock. Henry's record of reproducing great young rams is outstanding. Most of Henry's young rams were record book quality rams by the time they were 2 ½ years old. He is also known for producing some of the best color in the Mouflon world. His young rams have bright white saddles when they have their winter coats. We believe John Henry will prove to be a great producer himself. He also is on his way to being a record qualifying young ram as he already has great horn length for his age.

We also have a fine herd of Red Sheep. There will be a limited number of ewes and rams for sale this fall. They are also on a strict worming program and high protein diet.

Our Blackbuck are from excellent breeding stock. They are raised under the same ideal conditions as our sheep herds.

We also have Black Hawaiian Sheep.
They will be ready for sale this Summer.