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European Mouflon Sheep

Spittin Image at 2 years old with his winter coat

Spittin Image at 2 years old with his winter coat.

RBL Farm is located in Weimar, Texas, about midway between Houston and San Antonio on IH 10. It is owned and operated by Larry and Bobby Wick. Their goal is to breed and raise pure European Mouflon sheep to stock your game ranch. Their rams are trophy quality, with huge horns that are extremely wide with good basal measurements. These animals also have very good color.


Spittin Image with ewes and lambs

Spittin Image with ewes and lambs.


RBL Farm has purchased Spittin' Image, an outstanding ram, from Rickey Hunt of Avery, Texas. He comes from a line of rams known for their excellent wide horns. He will work well with the fine ewes from the YO Ranch stock that are also in the program.

All of the sheep are on a strict worming and vaccination program. They are fed a high protein custom mixed feed which increases horn development. This also helps the ewes to produce healthy baby lambs.

RBL Farm sells trophy rams, stocker ewes and rams of all ages and sizes. Call (979) 725-8770 to speak to Larry or (979) 725-6686 to speak to Bobby about getting some of these fine animals for your ranch.