Major's Lineage


European Mouflon: Major's Lineage

Major is a product of 14 years of selective breeding conducted by Rickey Hunt and his Majestic Mouflon stock. Major's sire is Majestic Mouflon's Maximum Max. Major's mother was out of Majestic Mouflon's Bountiful Blessing. This stock of mouflons are known for outstanding color and big horns. There has been numerous rams out of this stock that have had horns exceed 35 inches. Major will be matched up with a herd of ewes that are out of our Image ram. Image has proven himself as an outstanding breeding ram
producing young rams that grow out quickly. Many of those young rams are 30 inches by the time they are 2 1/2 years old. We believe that we will see some world class rams produced by crossing Major with the ewes out of Image.